Draco and Harry: Destined to be

Fic Rec of the Day

A Simple Black Corset and its sequels, A Little Black Dress and A Long White Gown by Youngauthor27 are all great stories that I highly recommend to anyone who likes crossdressing fics.  Rated M

Summary: Who could have guessed such a simple little thing could have such a strong effect on Harry? Draco certainly didn’t. Oneshot. **AU/PWP

Warnings:  Strong, Pervasive Language/ Slash/ Explicit Sexual Content (H/D)/ Rough Sex/ Crossdressing/




Fic Rec of the Day

Today’s fic rec is Plundered by Digitallace.  I absolutely adore this pirate Drarry AU.  It is a great little story and one that I have read many times.  Rated M.

Summary: AU Pirate Drarry - Captain Potter is a revered member of the Royal British Fleet, sent to capture and hang all known pirates. His personal vendetta is the Dread Pirate Black, but what will he do when he finds the scoundrel? 


Fic Rec of the Day

Little Red Courgette by Blame Brampton is a great three shot fic that I quite enjoyed.  This story made me laugh throughout and is one that I have read several times.  Rated M.


Summary: Draco Malfoy’s postwar career as a Ministry functionary has been a slow progression upwards in the world. So it seems profoundly unfair that it should all be thrown into disarray by a combination of undersized vegetables and the disillusioned Head Auror.

Fic Rec of the Day


In Bloom by ravenclawpride is a great little multi-chaptered fic. I found it very cute and a nice, quick read.  Rated M

SummaryEach day, a single flower with an attached message is left in a random spot around town by a particular green-eyed hero. What happens when a certain blonde finds a flower and becomes set on finding the mysterious benefactor? AU, OOC, eventual D/H

Fic Rec of the Day

The Obligatory ‘Draco is a Veela’ Story that Every HP Fanfiction Author has to Write by Mahaliem is a fantastic, hilarious story based on the mating habits of veelas in Harry Potter fanfiction.  I loved it!  As an avid reader of veela fanfiction, I don’t usually enjoy stories that make fun of veela!Draco, but this story is awesome!  Rated T

Summary: Draco is part Veela. Unhappy with his chosen mate, he searches for a substitute.